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  1. To keep trying or keep going, while overcoming discouragement is a giant force to overcome when struggling to reach a goal of doing what you never thought you could do. Once you make up your mind to take the challenge and decide to quit is not an option the search for the “how” is the first action to take. While searching for the “how to,” the battle to remain encouraged, excited, motivated or stay on track is an everyday war. It is not enough to learn from those who have succeeded. You have to be open for inspiration that will remind you that you too can be an overcomer.
    Everyone has to overcome something. When I began to keep that in mind, the will to never give up on myself; that is the dreams that have become apart of me became armor for my daily battles . When you know the source of heart-felt dreams and desires that will make you better and stronger how can you turn your back go in another direction?

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